Field Engineer Announces Onsite On-Demand Support In Over 180 Countries for VARs and System Integrators

Jan 8, 2019

Known for their global platform that caters to both businesses and talent, Field Engineer now provides on-site support to Telecom Companies, Resellers, System Integrators, OEMs and Professional Services Companies in over 180 countries worldwide.

New York, United States - January 9, 2019 / / —

The telecoms industry has become a hugely prevalent part of modern society. Almost everything is connected to telecommunications in some way, and businesses are growing more dependent on this connectivity. As a result, the demand for onsite field engineers is stronger than ever.

VARs and Integrators (Computer Hardware Installation and Maintenance Companies) need engineers to be on-hand to deal with various technical issues or help with different problems whenever they occur. However, it’s not always financially viable for a company to invest in permanent field engineers to keep on their payroll. Therefore, there are lots of gig-hungry engineers out there that are willing to carry out freelance work at a moments notice.

Field Engineer Goes Global

Field Engineer is a platform that connects freelancers to businesses. Engineers can register on the website and look for different contracts, while companies can do the same and look for field engineers with a variety of different skill sets. The team behind the platform see it as an alternative way for companies to find talent without the usual recruitment hurdles such as time consumption, vetting employees, interviewing them, etc.

Recently, Field Engineer has come out and announced that the platform now provides global support in over 180 countries across multiple continents. What this means is that they provide onsite engineers whenever they’re required, in various major cities throughout the world. It offers more convenience for telecom companies, OEMs, system integrators, and many more enterprises. Instead of needing to hire their own engineers and interview dozens of candidates while siphoning through hundreds of applications, the Field Engineer platform points them in the direction of ideal talent.

The Rise Of The Gig Economy

While this announcement from Field Engineer is undoubtedly a big news in the telecoms industry, it’s all come about thanks to the rise of the gig economy. Professional onsite engineers recognize that there’s more potential to make money by chasing gigs rather than committing to individual employers and working there full time. Likewise, employers realize that hiring onsite engineers isn’t always practical, which is why they prefer to search for freelancers where possible.

As a consequence, platforms like Field Engineer continue to grow in popularity as they offer solutions to both parties involved.

Looking Into The Future

The team at Field Engineer state that they want the platform to be an indispensable global marketplace. By offering onsite on-demand support across 180 countries, this is a huge step in achieving just that. It’s clear that the future will be focused on expanding this reach and continuing to offer support in more countries, providing field engineers and businesses with more opportunities.

To learn more about Field Engineer, or for any press inquiries, please contact Malik Zakaria. Emails can be sent to, phone calls should be directed to 212-257-1372, and postal inquiries can be forwarded to Field Engineer Inc. 77 Water St, Suite 7000 New York, NY 10005. To check out the Field Engineer website, visit

Contact Info:
Name: Malik Zakaria
Organization: Field Engineer
Address: Field Engineer Inc. 77 Water St, Suite 7000 New York, NY 10005
Phone: 212-257-1372


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