Fastfix Plumbing DC Helps Prepare The Capital For Summer Plumbing Problems

May 16, 2019

May 17, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - Washington DC based Fastfix Plumbing DC is pleased to announce that they have expanded their services to help commercial and residential property owners across the capital prepare for summer plumbing problems. “We’ve been the leading plumbing company in the Jersey City area for more than 25 years. We are delighted to open in Washington DC so that we can help those looking for trusted plumbing professionals to help them prepare for a long hot summer,” said Teria Child, the company’s spokesperson.

With experience spanning over two decades dealing with the wide range of plumbing issues across the Jersey City area, the company understands the importance of making sure that everyone can enjoy their summer. This is why the plumbing specialist offers a free estimate to customers who value the peace of mind that comes with knowing they have found professionals they can trust. Whether they are enjoying a baseball game, taking a break from the hectic pace of daily city life, or just sipping their favorite ice cold beverage of choice, no one wants to come home and have to deal with an unpleasant smell or a clogged disposal.

Bathrooms often see more use since the children are home from school during the summer, and most people also do more washing in this period. Furthermore, odors are more likely to be noticed during the warmer months. For these reasons, and more, Child says that it is best to inspect pipes and taps early to head off small problems before they become bigger issues.

Many property owners may feel they can ignore having their plumbing inspected and so neglect to have an inspection carried out. However, this can result in dire consequences, as even issues as small as a leak can lead to massive headaches if they go undetected and unresolved—it could even advance to the point where it damages the structure of the building itself.

Additionally, any pipes made from lead should be removed immediately as they are a health hazard, and it is also advised that pipes made from polybutylene are replaced as these are prone to breaking. Those who have old or galvanized pipes may need to assess the state of the supply pipes to their home. It is recommended that, for houses built before 1946, exposed pipes are inspected throughout the property at least once a year. In between inspections, if owners notice any discoloration, stains, flaking, pimples, or dimpling, it’s time to bring in a plumber to assess the situation.

For those who have a plumbing emergency, Fastfix Plumbing DC supports a 24-hour emergency hotline that customers may call to receive quick and reliable repairs. Unlike some other contractors, the company’s staff are all uniformed, licensed plumbers who are appropriately insured. Their office hours run 8am to 6pm every day of the week, and customers will be delighted to know that Fastfix Plumbing DC does not charge for travel costs.

Ashley Cooper, a satisfied customer, thanked the company for dealing with their major bathroom leak around midnight on the weekend during last year’s hot summer, saying that Fastfix Plumbing DC was, “there within the hour and had it fixed within two hours! I was shocked at how efficiently they worked. Thanks again!”

As leading firm of experienced professionals, Fastfix Plumbing DC are delighted to offer a free estimate for any customer, commercial or residential, to deal with any current issues or to prepare for the hot summer ahead.The company offers a full range of plumbing services, supported by over 25 years of experience. They serve the Washington DC metro area and use the latest technology to effectively troubleshoot any plumbing problem, making repairs quickly and correctly.

Those looking for a reliable and insured plumber in the Washington DC area may reach out to Teria Child of Fastfix Plumbing DC. The company can be reached by phone throughout the week, and interested parties may also visit their website to learn more about their services.


For more information about Fastfix Plumbing DC, contact the company here:

Fastfix Plumbing DC
Teria Child
(202) 499-6655
Fastfix Plumbing DC 2156 Wisconsin Ave NW #220 Washington DC, DC 20007

ReleaseID: 60027713

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