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'Young miracle:' Baby recovers from Ebola in Congo outbreak

Dec 14, 2018

'Young miracle:' Baby recovers from Ebola in Congo outbreak; mother died in childbirth

Ethiopia sets 2022 for Nile dam's completion amid delays

Dec 13, 2018

Ethiopia's controversial Nile River dam will not be completed until 2022, more than four years behind schedule, because of possible defects with the hydro-electrical plant's equipment, an official said Thursday

WWF says Tanzania dam project could hurt key wetland

Dec 13, 2018

Conservation group says Tanzania's agreement to build a huge hydroelectric plant in the Selous Game Reserve risks damage to an important wetland

Should Johannesburg Zoo's last elephant stay or go?

Dec 11, 2018

Should Johannesburg Zoo's last elephant stay or go? Debate springs up after companion's death

Nigerian president says he's alive, not an impostor

Dec 3, 2018

Nigeria's President denies rumors that he died and was replaced by a body double, assuring the country that he is alive and well

Congo starts first-ever trial testing Ebola drugs

Nov 26, 2018

The World Health Organization says Congo has begun the first-ever trial to test the effectiveness and safety of four experimental Ebola drugs, the first time scientists have directly compared such treatments

Report: Yemen's war has left parts of ancient sites in ruins

Nov 15, 2018

Yemeni rights group documented war's heavy damage to at least 34 archaeological sites over past 4 years

AP Investigation: Hospital patients held hostage for cash

Oct 25, 2018

AP Investigation: Hospitals illegally imprison patients in Kenya and over 30 countries, including Congo, India and China

Health workers in Congo's Ebola outbreak attacked weekly

Oct 22, 2018

Congo authorities say health teams dealing with the latest Ebola outbreak are being attacked three or four times a week on average, a level of violence never seen in the country's nine previous outbreaks of the deadly virus

Deadly attack amid Ebola outbreak stalls containment efforts

Oct 21, 2018

Deadly rebel attack at center of Ebola outbreak stalls virus-containment efforts

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