Rehab Near Me Launches 24/7 Hotline For Drug Addiction And Teens

May 17, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - Rehab Near Me, serving the whole United States, has announced that they have launched their 24/7 hotline to better help teens and other people struggling with addiction. The company offers residential or inpatient rehab, providing medical detox and appropriate therapeutic techniques. The rehab program includes 24-hours supervision, intensive care, and professional treatment. Those who want to check out the RehabNear.Me service area can visit their Google Maps page.

Stephen James, spokesperson for Rehab Near Me, says, “We are so happy to announce that we have opened a 24/7 hotline that can be used by people who are having problems with addiction. We urge everyone who have such a problem to contact us so that we can provide the appropriate advice. Inpatient treatment is an intensive form of rehabilitation for drug and alcohol addiction. It follows the medical detox phase and combines behavioral therapy to tackle the root cause of addictive behavior. Under an inpatient program, recovering individuals can get the proper medical attention they require because professionals can evaluate their condition properly.”

Stephen James also points out that those who want to know more about RehabNear.Me can check out their website. He says that the problem with addiction is that it prevents people from quitting. Thus, addicted people struggle with their cravings and other temptations. Moreover, addictive substances affect the brain in such a way that they dull the addicted person’ judgment and prevents them from making good decisions. And even if some of them are able to stop for a while, they will go through withdrawal, which eventually causes them to relapse. Furthermore, it is dangerous to quit without the assistance of medical professionals. This is because withdrawal symptoms can range from mild to life-threatening.

It is pointed out that drug use and misuse is prevalent in almost every country in the world. And those who are taking illegal drugs are most likely to be reluctant to talk about it. The statistics on drugs is worrisome because it has been observed that the number of drug addictions has been on the rise and it is not easy to discover the reasons why. One possible reason that has been proposed is the rise in cases of chronic pain, which can lead to the abuse of prescription painkillers. These painkillers may have acted as the gateway to the abuse of stronger drugs, which are likely to be illegal.

Some of the commonly abused prescription drugs are opioids, which are semi-synthetic or synthetic derivatives of the opium poppy plant. These include OxyContin, oxycodone, mepiridine, and hydrocodone. These are prescription painkillers that act by blocking pain signals, while also providing euphoric side effects. Meanwhile, depressants, such as diazepam, pentobarbital sodium and alprazolam, are drugs that are used for treating tension, anxiety, panic attacks, and sleep disorders. They slow down brain activity, thus making people feel drowsy or sleepy.

Alcohol abuse is another common problem that can be treated in the inpatient rehab centers. It has been observed that drinking patterns have changed during the period 2002 to 2013. Drinking in general had risen substantially during that period, and problematic drinking rose by an even larger percentage.

For those who are wondering long it would take for a person to undergo rehab, it will vary but it is believed that 30 days is a good starting point. Depending on the condition of the patient, it may take longer, but a 30-day addiction rehabilitation program is one of the most common programs available. These month-long programs allow patients to experience staying clean without making a long term commitment. After completing the program, they will have the option to go on with a longer rehab program. Another alternative is for them to transition to an outpatient program or go into a sober living facility for aftercare services.

Rehab Near Me is designed to guide addicted people, whether with drugs or alcohol, to the inpatient rehab center that is appropriate for them. Those who want to know more can visit their website, call them on the phone, contact them by email, or click here.


For more information about Rehab Near Me, contact the company here:

Rehab Near Me
James Thomas
130 SE 3rd Ave Suite E, Miami, FL 33131

ReleaseID: 60027966

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