Mike Marko Publishes New Post on Search Engine Optimization Tips

June 11, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - Mike Marko with IM Consultant Services in Cincinnati, Ohio has announced the publication of a new post. He says the article focuses on search engine optimization tips to improve brand marketing. Furthermore, he says that this post will greatly help business owners in implementing SEO strategies that can turn visitors into buyers.

According to Marko, search engine optimization or SEO is one of the most important strategies for online business. For one thing, it can help online marketers to achieve a higher rank in search engine result pages. However, marketers cannot achieve good results overnight. He says that there are strategies that they can use to speed up the process. Marko argues that for online marketers, it should be their priority to get a higher rank on Google search.

Marko says that on site SEO can be simplified by some tips that he shares in this post. He further says that using these tips can quicken the process of getting more visitors and higher ranking in search results. The first tip that Marko mentions is about using blog posts for page ranking. He says that business owners who still do not have a blog section on their website should create one. He adds that relevant blogs can help to increase engagement on websites.

“When creating a blog post, it’s best to use easy and simple search keywords,” Marko advises. He says that it is better to use more than two keywords in content or titles to draw more traffic. Furthermore, he recommends using long tail keywords that have three words or more. He also mentions creating a ‘dofollow’ comment section.

“A dofollow link is a hyperlink that allows you to pass on link juice,” Marko explains. “Making your comments section ‘dofollow’ helps build relationships among bloggers in the same niche since it encourages them to leave comments and interact with you in comments. Since you’re passing on link juice to them, they’re also more likely to give you backlinks in return. Your page rank may even improve if all of the backlinks on the page are relevant ones.”

The next tip that Marko mentions in his post is researching keywords and competitors. According to him, keyword research is necessary for understanding a website’s SEO as well as competitors. Marko mentions that in searching for potential keywords, the SEMRush tool can be the best choice. He says that it’s one of the best SEO ranking tools and is free.

Marko says that the SEMRush tool helps users conduct keyword research as it also tracks strategies used by competitors. He adds that this will give statistics like the number of searches of targeted keywords per month. Marko claims that SEMRush can be used for optimization, helps create content, and more. He argues that with SEMRush, business marketers can know their competitors’ secrets. He also mentions that marketers can find new keywords and can obtain facts about the trends in ranking traffic.

In this article, Marko also mentions using keywords for search engine optimization. He says that the key to improving page ranking is emphasizing specific parts of the webpage. By doing this, websites will be optimized so they are easier to search. Marko also states that there are benefits that marketers get when they emphasize certain parts of their page content. One is that it makes the content more visible to the target audience. He adds that by doing that, content gets higher rank in keyword searches.

The last tip that Marko mentions in this post is monitoring the number of outbound links on a website. He says that monitoring links to outside websites can help business marketers estimate their own site’s search engine results page ranking. According to Marko, the Ahrefs tool can be used for that particular SEO task.

Marko owns IM Consultant Services in Cincinnati, a company that provides different SEO services to small and medium-sized businesses. The firm offers reputation management, marketing for social media, website design, and search engine optimization, among other services. All of those services are designed to help business owners to grow their companies. He mentions that his team is always available for a consultation and they are ready to help business marketers to understand why their current marketing strategies are not working. He also helps businesses develop strategies in order to see growth.

Marko says that his newest post about SEO can now be read on his official blog. The article is written to provide information to business owners and marketers. He says that readers can use his articles to discover the effective ways of using search engine optimization to market their businesses. In addition, they will learn how they can make the most of those marketing campaigns if they review his other instructional posts.

Marko says that he regularly publishes new posts that are designed to provide this type of information to businesses. He also says that he wants to help them see their revenues grow. He says that those who are interested can read more on his blog. They can also visit him and his team at IM Consultant Services online. Those who are interested can contact Marko and his team by email or phone to know the services they offer.


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