Austin Vision Center Offers Comprehensive Vision Therapy Services

May 24, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - Austin Vision Therapy Center in Austin, TX, also known as the Center for Vision Development, has announced that they offer comprehensive vision therapy services. They would like people in Austin and neighboring areas to know that they provide the most comprehensive solutions for the treatment of poor visual efficiency, delayed vision development, attention deficit disorders, strabismus and amblyopia, learning disabilities, and traumatic brain injury.

Dr. Denise Smith, founder and clinical director of Austin Vision Therapy Center, says, “I believe that no matter how difficult or complex things are, there is always a solution. At Austin Vision Therapy Center, my main duty is to diagnose and treat visual disorders that negatively affect people’s lives. I give people options that they didn’t have before; that they didn’t even know existed. I lead my team to think outside the box and we strive to provide the most comprehensive approach to care in Austin, even when it goes against the norm. And I am not afraid to grow as a physician to provide my patients with the most resources for success.”

There are three major categories of the services provided by the vision center in Austin. These are vision therapy; vision and learning; and amblyopia or “lazy eye”. Vision therapy or visual training offers a solution to vision problems that may not be corrected by glasses and contact lenses. These include crossed or wandering eyes, poor focusing, “lazy eye”, poor eye tracking, headaches, and reduced academic performance.

Vision therapy is not just composed of eye exercises. It is made up of a personalized treatment program that is prescribed and supervised by an optometrist. The goal of this treatment program is to enhance visual skills, alleviate visual discomfort, boost visual efficiency, and improve the processing of visual information.

The basis for vision therapy is evidence-based scientific research and it makes use of filters, therapeutic lenses, prisms, phototherapy, computerized technology, including specialized equipment designed to develop and improve vision. Vision therapy works by enhancing visual processing, vision, visual motor integration, and visual learning. As the visual skills improve, the patients’ motor skills are further improved and automated through repetition, with the goal of offering them a better experience in life.

At the Austin vision center, their treatment programs can be applied to anyone with a functional visual problem, whether a child or an adult. This can be someone with problems in learning or processing information because of poor visual capability. This includes problems in focusing, coordinating the eyes and body, visual memory, and eye-hand coordination. Treatment will always be possible whether the visual deficiency is due to stress, improper visual development, or injury.

Vision therapy is important because vision is directly related to how people learn things, verbally and visually. Thus, how people read, write, spell, and learn from their daily experiences depend on how visually equipped they are. Poor vision results into impaired learning ability. Eighty percent of what people perceive and remember depends on their visual ability, which is why vision therapy is an effective treatment for enhancing a patient’s vision and learning.

Strabismus or “crossed eyes” is a condition where the patient’s two eyes cannot continuously look at an object simultaneously because of misalignment. A person with strabismus will use one eye to focus on something while the other eye is pointing in a different direction. This results in double vision and poor depth perception. It can get worse with time if left untreated. Austin Vision Therapy Center offers non-invasive treatment options for strabismus. These are provided as an alternative to surgical intervention. The treatment programs offered take a rehabilitative approach designed to correct both brain’s control and the functioning of the eye muscles.

Austin Vision Therapy Center was founded in 2004 and is led by founder and clinical director Dr. Denise Smith. Dr. Smith and her team have pledged to dedicate themselves to finding and offering solutions for vision problems. Those who are interested in the services provided can visit their website at, or contact them by phone or by email.


For more information about Austin Vision Therapy Center, contact the company here:

Austin Vision Therapy Center
Dr. Denise Smith
(571) 248-0700
5656 Bee Caves Road Building D, Suite 201 Austin, TX 78746

ReleaseID: 60028280

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