Backed by Prince Harry, conservation group expands in Africa

Jul 7, 2018

With Prince Harry on board, wildlife conservation group expands in Africa, focuses on turnarounds

In South Africa, plans for a refuge for pangolins in peril

Jun 16, 2018

In South Africa, plans to build refuge for pangolins in peril as illegal trafficking increases

Archaeologists find ancient rock art in Egypt

Jun 13, 2018

Egypt says archaeologists have unearthed 3,500-year-old rock art depicting bulls, donkeys and sheep in the Eastern Desert

Archaeologists discover Greco-Roman era building in Egypt

May 23, 2018

Egyptian archaeologists say they have discovered parts of a huge red brick building dating back to the Greco-Roman period north of Cairo

Archaeologists find remains of Roman-era temple in Egypt

May 10, 2018

Egypt says archaeologists have uncovered the remains of a temple dating back to the second century

Chad gets 6 rhinos nearly 50 years after losing the species

May 3, 2018

Six critically endangered black rhinos are being transported from South Africa to Chad, restoring the species to the country in north-central Africa nearly half a century after it was wiped out there

Over 10,000 endangered tortoises are rescued in Madagascar

May 2, 2018

Over 10,000 endangered tortoises are rescued in Madagascar after being crammed into home

Archeologists open burial chambers in Sudanese pyramid

Apr 24, 2018

Sudan's official news agency says archeologists have reopened burial chambers in an ancient pyramid north of the capital, Khartoum

Archaeologists find bust of Roman emperor in Egypt

Apr 22, 2018

Egypt says archaeologists have discovered a bust of the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius in the southern city of Aswan

Egypt upholds death sentence against 4 over plotting attacks

Apr 15, 2018

Egypt's highest appeals court has upheld death sentences for four people over forming a "terrorist cell" to plot attacks on security forces and other institutions

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